AFM 491 - Advanced Financial Accounting

AFM 491 is an advanced accounting course considering specific problems in accounting for the corporate entity, such as business combinations, intercorporate investments, consolidated financial statements, accounting for foreign operations and foreign currency transactions and segment reporting. AFM 391 is a prerequisite to AFM 491.

AFM 391 - Intermediate Financial Accounting II

This is an intermediate financial accounting course that deals with issues related to the measurement of liabilities, measurement of income, and the reporting and measuring of corporate equities. Prereq: AFM 291

ACC 783: Archival and Analytic Research in Accounting

This is a PhD level course. The course split in two: analytical and archival research.
The purpose of studying analytical research is two-fold: one is to introduce you to basic models of decision-making and strategic interactions in presence of asymmetric information; the second is to use theoretical framework to understand and analyze various accounting problems.
The purpose of studying archival research is to equip you with skills to engage in empirical archival research.